Mission Statement

The Club's primary mission is to endeavour to build our sport to enhance lives of our players and develop a sense of pride in our community by nurturing our youth's talents and empowering them to reach their potential thus providing lifelong opportunities in ways that are consistent with best practice in youth sports.


Vision: To promote and embrace the concept of an honest and supportive sports environment for palyers. This is achieved by developing a deep interest in team sports through which camaraderie and hopefully long lasting friendships are made. Fergus Rovers coaches strive to provide a high standard of coaching to develop the core skills of Ladies Gaelic Football whilst at the same time developing a healthy competitive spirit for football and still providing a fun and challenging experience for each individual player.

Fergus Rovers Ladies Football Club

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AIM  and Objectives:

The aim of our plan is to continue to provide a first class Ladies Gaelic Football Club for all interested in sport and in our community and in the surrounding areas through the provision of high quality coaching, an enjoyable club atmosphere and a wide range of activities and opportunities for all.


Club objectives include:

The club will endeavoour to facilitate the provision of the best playing amenities and equipment available to uis in line with the growth of sporot within our commmunity

The Club will strive to provide an equal opportunity for players to participate in football at all age levels possible regardless of ability.

The Club will seek to compete at the highest possible level abiding by the rules of fair play at the times.

The Club and its members will encourage and promote the development of Ladies Gaelic Football within our community with an emphasis on youth teams.

Increased participation for children and adults - to have an open Club where all are welcome.






The Club recognises that a number of kely points are important to parents and their children and , therefore, the successful development of the Club.


For Children


Fergus Rovers Club will teach the fundamentals of the game and promote good sportmanship and respect for all participants; emphasizing.




  • Fundamental individual and team based skills

  • Sportsmanship

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

  • Age appropriate competition where possible

  • Fair Play

  • Opportunities to play in matches

  • Inclusiveness


For Parents


  • Use of recognised LGFA policies and standards

  • The Club's profile and reputation

  • A positive and successful experience for the child

  • Their child has opportunities to play in friendly and competitive matches

  • Responsible managers/mentors who provide good coaching and discipline

  • Parents play a role in preventing bullying by creating an environment where a child will tell an adult


For Club and Community


  • Proper playing pitches and training facilities

  • Safe parking, arrival and collection areas

  • Co-operation with other clubs and organisations

  • Social activities/Fundraising

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Fergus Rovers Ladies

Football Club

Est. 1986

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